Rival Company Says Puerto Rico Deal to Rebuild Homes Was Unfairly Awarded

January 24, 2018
Johnathan Levin, Daniel Flately and Yalixa Rivera - Bloomberg

Two disaster recovery companies are battling over a $133 million contract to repair hurricane-battered homes in Puerto Rico, with the losing bidder formally challenging the result and suggesting the winner should have been disqualified. The commonwealth’s Housing Department on Dec. 15 gave the deal to oversee 75,000 potential home rehabs to Utica, New York-based Adjusters International Inc., which employs as an executive a former Trump administration nominee to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. AECOM, the world’s biggest engineering firm, said Adjusters failed to show adequate financial resources and good standing to do business in Puerto Rico, according to a copy of AECOM’s motion for reconsideration provided to Bloomberg. Mr. Levin may be followed @JonathanJLevin Mr. Flatley may be followed @daniel_flatley


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