Digitalizing Cross-Laminated Timber Construction


The KIRA-digi experimentation heralds a new industrial process devised with systems theory, digital information flow, and CLT/CNC technologies.

August 28, 2018
Aarni Heiskanen - AEC Business

A Finnish experimentation project has made cross-laminated timber construction more productive and creative by using digital modeling.

The office of &’ [Emmi Keskisarja & Janne Teräsvirta & Company Architects Ltd] looks rather like a prototype workshop. Intriguing scale models, a 3D printer, and a small CNC machine all give clues about the architects’ current project. They’re determined to make wood construction more collaborative and creative using digital technologies and cross-laminated timber (CLT).

Plenty of Room for Improvement
“I’m going to present our KIRA-digi project at WDBE 2018 in September. Incidentally, our wooden installation will be on display during Helsinki Design Week,” says Keskisarja. “We want to communicate with the public, not just within our professional circles, as architects typically do. The theme of the week is trust, something that’s missing in today’s construction.”

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