Bridge Disaster - Italy’s Moment of Truth

disaster goes down paper hole

Decades of neglect led to a moment of reckoning.

September 10, 2018
Flavia Krause-Jackson & Kathleen Hunter - Bloomberg

The tragedy of modern Italy, so beautiful yet so decrepit, can be told through its bridges.

Italians love to point to the Romans as the first engineers – the country boasts some of the world’s oldest viaducts. It’s a source of national pride that blinded the nation to the reality of today, where decades of neglect led to a moment of reckoning.

The collapse of the Morandi bridge in Genoa, leaving 43 dead, was followed by the usual mud-slinging, including within a tenuous ruling coalition and more importantly, to soul-searching. Meant to last 100 years, the bridge was hated more than loved – everyone who crossed it felt unsafe.

Reprinted courtesy of Flavia Krause-Jackson, Bloomberg and Kathleen Hunter, Bloomberg


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