City Development with Interactive 3D Models

3D Models Homes and Skyscrapers

Tiihonen has initiated three government-supported KIRA-digi experimentation projects to experiment with how to connect models with web-based city development processes.

October 23, 2018
Aarni Heiskanen - AEC Business

The Finnish city of Hyvinkää has developed a unique internet service for collaborative 3D city planning. It gives real estate owners, investors, developers, designers, authorities, and citizens easy-to-use tools to publish their 3D plans and ideas for the built city environment.

Participants can comment on the 3D plans directly in the city model. The 3D app is integrated with Facebook, which enables further conversation.

Building the 3D City Model
Päivi Tiihonen is the manager of the information services unit of the city’s technical and environmental sector. The city started building a browser-based 3D city model when Tiihonen assumed her position in 2014.

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