As Florence Eyes East Coast, Are You Looking At Your Insurance?

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Michael S. Levine and Andrea DeField discuss the importance of insurance in hurricane claims.

October 2, 2018
Michael S. Levine & Andrea DeField - Hunton Insurance Recovery Blog

Hurricane Florence will affect the U.S. east coast later this week with significant damage to property and resulting business disruption. Businesses far-removed from the impact zone also will be affected as manufacturing, retail, travel and supply chains, among other industries, are disrupted by the physical damage. For those in the impact zone, knowing the fundamentals about your property insurance is critical. For those in remote locations, now is a good time to refresh yourself as well, since post-storm disruptions and losses require prompt notice to insurers and fast action to help mitigate any resulting loss. A failure on either front could jeopardize coverage.

Reprinted courtesy of Michael S. Levine, Hunton Andrews Kurth and Andrea DeField, Hunton Andrews Kurth
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