Preparing Your Business For Internal Transition

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Issues to consider in order to achieve smooth transition of ownership and control.

October 14, 2019
Stephen P. Katz, Esq. - ConsensusDocs

When is it right to start thinking about succession planning and preparing a construction company for transition? Many would agree – in concept, at least – that serious thought regarding succession and transition planning should begin at a company’s inception and be revisited throughout its lifecycle, but as a practical matter, it is frequently not part of the mindset when growing a business. This article explores issues that construction company owners should consider in order to achieve smooth transition of ownership and control. We will address three critical questions:

  • What happens to the business when an owner retires;
  • In the event an owner(s) become disabled; and,
  • Unplanned exit/owner pre-deceases her/his exit from the company

Owners who do not plan carefully for transition are often faced with the less than appealing option of liquidating their business for much less than its value, or by closing the business with no return upon that event. However, those who plan carefully can realize the value of their life’s work, pass the business to the next generation and see their legacy continue.

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