Disability Carriers Need to Brace for the Onslaught of COVID-19 Claims

May 11, 2020
Andrew I. Hamelsky & Jenifer A. Scarcella - White and Williams

As states across the country prepare to return to work, disability insurers should expect to see an increase of claims stemming from COVID-19. Many of these claims, however, will not be because the insured has COVID-19, but rather, due to the fear that the insured may get the virus if he or she returns to work. For many, an underlying medical condition such as diabetes or heart disease may increase concerns about their prognosis if they contract the virus once exposed to their work environment. These individuals will likely argue that they are disabled because they are at a higher risk of developing serious complications, including death, due to their underlying condition. With the rise of these types of claims, insurers will be faced with the following question – is an individual disabled from returning to work due to the risk that if they contract COVID-19 they will die?

Reprinted courtesy of Andrew I. Hamelsky, White and Williams and Jenifer A. Scarcella, White and Williams
Mr. Hamelsky may be contacted at hamelskya@whiteandwilliams.com
Ms. Scarcella may be contacted at scarcellaj@whiteandwilliams.com


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