Sharing Company Culture to Strengthen Surety Relationships

January 25, 2021
Joshua Loftis, Bob Bowman & Colby White - Construction Executive

Established as an essential business in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the construction industry quickly adapted to a new way of doing business. The construction industry’s response to this unprecedented adversity is an inspiration. A deeper dive reveals a collection of organizations with extraordinary resilience, and in many cases, a renewed focus on organizational culture and wellbeing.

Surety companies have unique visibility into a construction organization. This visibility provides insight into the remarkable response construction organizations had to the events of 2020. Surety conversations typically begin and end (appropriately) with a discussion around financial standing and performance. While many construction leaders will point to prudent financial management and performance as a reason for survival and success, the real passion is revealed when leaders note the strength of the organization’s culture.

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