How to Build a House That Uses 90% Less Energy!

Matt Risinger walks us through Passive House, which is a high-performance building standard developed to reduce building-related emissions.

Bridge Over Tempe Town Lake to Be Partially Demolished for Construction Following Train Derailment

ABC15 Arizona reports Tempe officials say they will be demolishing and removing part of the bridge that was damaged after a Union Pacific train derailed and caught fire while crossing a bridge over Tempe Town Lake Wednesday.

Priorities for a Well-Built House

In this episode, Matt Risinger talks about the importance of separation layers and what constitutes a well-built home.

The Driverless Future of Construction Robotics | Freethink

Noah Ready-Campbell believes that the future of the construction industry lies in construction robotics, but it won’t look like a hard-hat-wearing C-3PO.

Inspiring Women In Construction: Does Diversity Of Thought Exist At Board Level?

Construction News discussion on women in the construction industry.

New Earthships Capture More Energy, Water and Food At Lower Cost

Kirsten Dirksen video explains the benefits of Earthships.

Digital Situation Awareness in Construction

AE Partners presents the official WDBE 2020 Pre-event on June 24, 2020, organized by Aalto University.

Assessment and Repair of a Precast Parking Deck with Construction Defects

This American Concrete Institute presentation by Kyle Stanish, from Klein and Hoffman, discusses a precast parking structure, where a defect was not discovered until it had been in service for many years.

How Your Texas Payment Terms Can Make or Break Your Cash Flow

Levelset presentation on understanding important Texas payment terms before signing your construction contract.


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