Pay Inequities Are a Symptom of Broader Gender Biases, Studies Show

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“It's not easy or quick to keep these behaviors from happening, but it's absolutely necessary to set the right culture.” —Rodney Pope, Sr VP, Turner Construction Corp.

May 17, 2021
Pam Radtke Russell, Debra K. Rubin, Janice L. Tuchman & Alisa Zevin - ENR

Pay gaps between men and women are a problem in the AEC industry and beyond—and they are a sign of complex, systemic problems in companies. “It’s more of a symptom,” said Elizabeth Walgram, senior consultant in the compensation and career strategies practice at human resources consulting firm Segal.

Reprinted courtesy of Pam Radtke Russell, ENR, Debra K. Rubin, ENR, Janice L. Tuchman, ENR and Alisa Zevin, ENR

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