Weed Property Owner Gets Smoked Under Insurance Policy

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It can pay, literally, to become familiar with what insurance policies cover and don’t cover because when necessity requires that you become familiar with them, it can be too late.

May 10, 2022
Garret Murai - California Construction Law Blog

When’s the last time you read your homeowner’s insurance policy? Didn’t think so.

But you might consider doing so, particularly in light of all of the discussions surrounding climate change – a nearly 2 degree Fahrenheit increase in summer temperatures over the past 20 years – and studies finding that wildfires in California could increase by 20% or more by the 2040s, and that the total burned area could increase by 25% or more.

In the next case, Vulk v. State Farm (2021) 69 Cal.App.5th 243, one homeowner found out too late (after his house burned to the ground) that his homeowner’s insurance policy didn’t provide the coverage that he thought it did.

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