Five Construction Payment Issues—and Solutions

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What can construction-industry leaders do to prevent or mitigate common payment issues?

October 3, 2022
Michael Bignold - Construction Executive

Sales are important for construction companies that want to succeed. However, while companies certainly need to spend time on sales and marketing, having a full order book is only part of the equation. They still need to do the work and, even more importantly, they need to be able to collect payment from customers.

Here are common payment issues in the construction industry and what leaders can do to prevent or mitigate them.

1. Change Order Disputes
If a project goes exactly as planned and quoted, billing the customer is a fairly simple matter. However, it’s very rare that any job goes exactly according to the quote in the construction business. Change orders, omissions and additions are typical on jobs of any size across the industry. If contractors are not handling those changes properly by getting everything in writing, they could be in trouble when the time comes to send invoices.

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