Will Protecting Copyrights Get Easier for Architects?

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Architects face unique challenges with their copyrights – as well as risks.

November 28, 2022
Scott L. Baker - Los Angeles Litigation Blog

Like any creative business, architects rely on their intellectual property. Their designs are at the center of their work. For example, as we discussed in a previous post, many architects nowadays focus on creating new ways for their building designs to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

However, nearly every form of intellectual property faces the risk of theft or infringement in the business world. Architects face unique challenges with their copyrights – as well as risks.

Copyright Issues in the Architecture World
One of the biggest issues, of course, is that there are many aspects of building designs that architects cannot protect by copyright. This is simply because various details are fundamental in the construction of every building. One person cannot own the rights to such a common design.

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