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The skills most highly valued in the outside counsel we repeatedly return to include: listening, responsiveness, and initiative.

May 28, 2024
Jessica Knox - The Dispute Resolver

Company: Fischer Homes


Law School: Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University (JD 1992)

States Where Company Operates/Does Business: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia, Missouri, Florida

Q: Describe your background and the path you took to becoming in-house counsel.

A: I started at a large Cincinnati firm straight out of law school. I moved in-house for a client of the firm after about 8 years and have remained in-house ever since. The in-house experience has been rewarding and varied over the last 24 years. I have worked for a Fortune 500, publicly traded steel company, a private equity led construction products company, and, finally, a family-owned residential homebuilder. I had the good fortune to be General Counsel at the last 2 in-house companies and was able to establish a legal department from scratch at Fischer Homes. As time went on and I gained experience, I stayed in-house because of the ability to work for a single client and have a greater impact on the business side of things.

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