PFAS Regulation and Insurance Coverage Implications

April 3, 2023
Malcolm C. Weiss, Scott P. DeVries, Syed S. Ahmad, Yosef Itkin & Javaneh S. Tarter - Hunton Insurance Recovery Blog

PFAS Regulation
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl Substances (“PFAS”) are a class of substances that have increasingly become the target of federal and state regulation in everything from drinking water, groundwater, site contamination, waste, air emissions, firefighting foam, personal care products, food and food packaging, and now consumer and commercial products. PFAS are widely-used chemicals that have the unique ability to repel both oil and water, which led to their application in many products including items such as stain and water-repellent fabric, chemical-and oil-resistant coatings, food packaging materials, plastics, firefighting foam, solar panels and many others. The carbon-fluorine bond is the strongest in nature, making these compounds highly persistent in the environment.

Reprinted courtesy of Malcolm C. Weiss, Hunton Andrews Kurth, Scott P. DeVries, Hunton Andrews Kurth, Syed S. Ahmad, Hunton Andrews Kurth, Yosef Itkin, Hunton Andrews Kurth and Javaneh S. Tarter, Hunton Andrews Kurth
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