Millennium Tower Fix Shifts to Hasten Completion

Millennium Tower fix engineers have scrapped an elaborate strategy designed to prevent more tilting at the troubled high-rise as they push to complete the project – a shift in strategy that critics say amounts to gambling, but monitoring data suggests is paying off so far, Jaxon Van Derbeken of NBC Bay Area reports.

Look At This!: Los Angeles International Airport

Desmond of CBS Los Angeles takes us to the bustling travel hub best known as LAX, one of the world's busiest airports.

Miami Condo Evacuated Over Structure Concerns

ABC News reports, residents of a Miami Beach condo building were forced to suddenly evacuate Thursday after significant damage was found in a concrete beam in the garage level.

Homeowners Share Ongoing Problems In New-Build Homes Around Las Vegas

Fox5 Las Vegas pose question: As homeowners share ongoing problems in Las Vegas Valley new-build homes, is quality falling between the cracks?

Visiting the Construction of Pittsburgh Airport’s Grand New Terminal

ENR Transportation Editor Aileen Cho checked out the construction of a $1B new terminal in summer 2022.

The Damage Is Done, Who's To Blame?

This video is all about the story of Rag ‘n’ Bone Brown’s bungalow re-roofing nightmare project, and what happened when everything went wrong.

How to Build a Wood Skyscraper | Vox

Mass timber has gone from novelty to trend. But how does it change the construction process?

INSANE Plan Fixes Flooding & Droughts at the Same Time!

Two Bit da Vinci poses questions why don't we pump water from areas prone to floods to areas prone to drought? What is the hold-up, is it even possible, and how might it actually look?

Returning Fort Myers Beach Residents Getting Up Close Glimpse of Hurricane Ian Damage

NBC2 News reports on damage from Hurricane Ian.


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