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How the Baltimore Bridge Collapsed After the Cargo Ship Collision

Demolition crews have started removing the wreckage of the Francis Scott Key Bridge as the families of six construction workers grieve and investigators question how the fully-loaded cargo ship tragically lost control, NBC’s Tom Costello reports in this week’s Sunday Focus.

Engineer Breaks Down Baltimore Bridge Collapse

Structural engineer Mathew Picardal explains the Baltimore bridge collapse (Francis Scott Key Bridge).

More Than 20 Million People Under Flood Watches On West Coast As Major Storm Hits

More than 20 million people under flood watches on West Coast as major storm hits, NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse reported.

San Onofre Beach Lease Set to Expire

It's 6.5 miles of some of the most storied beaches in all of California, and a possible change to ownership is just six months out.

California Insurance Commissioner Responds to State Farm Non-Renewal Announcement

After State Farm announced it will not renew more than 70,000 insurance policies in California over the next year, the state's insurance commissioner is speaking out.

3 Corporations Own 19,000 Metro Atlanta Homes. What Does that Mean for the Housing Market?

A recent study by Georgia State University researchers found that three corporations own more than 19,000 homes in Atlanta’s five metro counties.

The Expanding Use of Catastrophe Models

Catastrophe models are not just for hurricanes. They are also not just for insurance carriers. Ming Lee, president and CEO of catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, discusses how insurance brokers and governments are increasingly using cat models and how cat models are expanding into other risks and expanding geographically.


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