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City Evicts Entire Neighborhood

In what locals call Dickinson, but what is actually an area of Galveston County under Texas City jurisdiction, dozens of families are being forced out of their homes, KPRC 2 reported.

Another St. Louis Resident Loses Property Through Recorder of Deeds Office

For the second time, the You Paid For It team has found a case of a homeowner scammed out of their property with the help of the St. Louis Recorder of Deeds.

California's Insurance Crisis Has Reached a Critical Stage | Insurance Commissioner

Homeowners insurance is becoming increasingly unavailable and unaffordable. ABC10 talked 1-on-1 with the Insurance Commissioner about what he’s doing to fix that.

Hundreds of Colorado Homeowners Locked in ‘Predatory’ Listing Contracts

A seemingly harmless agreement to let a real estate firm list their home resulted in hundreds of Colorado homeowners being locked in a decades-long contract, 9News reported.

15 Hurt in Dutchess County Explosion

A fiery explosion rocked a town in Dutchess County on Thursday. CBS New York's Naveen Dhaliwal reports.

Billion Dollar Verdict Could Shake Up Real Estate Market

A federal jury in Kansas City sided against the National Association of Realtors and two brokerage firms, agreeing with the plaintiffs who said forcing home sellers to pay the commission for the buyer’s broker is “an anticompetitive restraint” and requires those sellers to “pay an inflated amount.” NBC News’ Christine Romans reports.

The Expanding Use of Catastrophe Models

Catastrophe models are not just for hurricanes. They are also not just for insurance carriers. Ming Lee, president and CEO of catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide, discusses how insurance brokers and governments are increasingly using cat models and how cat models are expanding into other risks and expanding geographically.


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