NTSB Hearings Underway on San Bruno Pipeline Explosion, Questions About Construction, and Welding Defects Arise

February 27, 2011
The Sacramento Bee

The Sacramento Bee reported that hearings are underway in the matter of the September 9, 2010 San Bruno Pipeline explosion. The explosion destroyed 38 homes and resulted in eight fatalities. According to the Bee, the NTSB is near to reaching its conclusions relevant to the cause of the explosion. A ruptured segment of the pipeline was reportedly found to have 150 welding defects. Questions have arisen as to why the inspection process failed to identify the defects, and as well what are the risks that may arise from similar pipelines in the area and nationally. “I could not believe that their inspection during construction was so bad in San Bruno,” said Robert Eiber, a Columbus, Ohio, pipeline consultant. Read More...


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