Back to Basics: Reminders of Some of the Best and Simplest Construction Safety Tips

July 31, 2023
Omar Kaywan - Construction Executive

Being a construction worker is one of the most dangerous and potentially fatal jobs. In 2020 alone, over 1,000 construction workers died, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, and over 21,000 sustained non-fatal injuries. Despite gear and protocols implemented for basic safety, construction workers are still more prone to accidents that could cause serious injuries or even casualties. Here are a few simple reminders of how to keep your teams safe on the job.

Basic Safety Gear
Suiting up is one of the most important steps before beginning a job—whether a suit and tie for the office or a safety suit for the jobsite, uniforms are in place for a reason. When on the jobsite, safety gloves, hard hats, safety goggles, ear plugs and other necessary safety accessories should always be worn. For construction workers, taking the few extra minutes to ensure they have on appropriate injury-preventing gear can keep them not only safe but also legally compliant with workplace safety regulations.

Reprinted courtesy of Omar Kaywan, Construction Executive, a publication of Associated Builders and Contractors. All rights reserved.


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