Are Modern Buildings Silently Killing Us?

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An issue aiding in mold’s prevalence in modern-day buildings is the way in which they are built.

May 16, 2022
Michael Rubino - Construction Executive

Construction, in general, is a rapidly evolving industry as contractors, architects, and engineers are tasked with keeping up with government regulations, building practices and technological innovations. While growth and evolution are pivotal components of successful projects and businesses, it’s led to a few issues, one of which involves mold.

Like the construction industry, the world of mold is evolving as more research, understanding, and awareness develops, highlighting its prevalence in buildings and the effect it can have on the health of those exposed. What industry professionals are witnessing time and again is an increasing occurrence of individuals reaching out and asking for help after experiencing exposure that led to chronic illness. The reality is that modern buildings are contributing to this rise.

The Top of the Funnel
An issue aiding in mold’s prevalence in modern-day buildings is the way in which they are built. In an effort to achieve net-zero energy-efficient buildings, construction professionals have adopted the technique of sealing buildings as tightly as possible. While this transition reduces energy costs in the building, it also introduces a few new problems that aren't always addressed in modern construction. One such issue is how the lack of airflow between the indoor and outdoor environments can lead to a buildup of contaminant particles in the building.

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